E006: Publish as a Couple with Poppy and Geoff Spencer

Poppy and Geoff are relational experts, Speakers, and authors.

They are a lovely couple who talk about writing a book together and offer some great nuggets for aspiring authors, including:

Nugget #1: Invest in yourself in the publishing journey
Nugget #2: Have fun in the journey
Nugget #3: Keep lines of communication open
Nugget #4: Beware of overspending on publicists
Nugget #5: Include a gratitude practice in your writing (and life!)
Nugget #6: Join a mastermind group if you can
Nugget #7: Embrace your expert status as an author to start new projects (like Poppy and Geoff's new radio show!)
Nugget #8: Ride the domino effect of being an author

This podcast is brought to you by Make Publishing Fun.

We came up with a recipe for success to share:
1. Set goals
2. Invest in yourself
2. Surround yourself with awesome people
4. Be grateful
5. Watch the domino effect

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More about Poppy:  After receiving her Master of Science degree in Art Therapy and working as a Registered Art Therapist for twelve years, Poppy Spencer transitioned her private Art Therapy practice into becoming a licensed specialty-certified New Life Story coach. A Parenting Coach, a psychology professor at Ringling College of Art and Design for seven years, a certified Myers Briggs facilitator, and a Certified Professional Coach for nearly a decade, she continues to implement psychology into her coaching relationships.

More about Geoff: Geoff Spencer is a licensed specialty-certified new life story coach having transitioned from a twenty-five-year career in sales and marketing where he specialized in technology deployed in higher education institutions. He is also a speaker, singer, and performer, having spoken in many professional venues, sung in churches and theaters, and performed in multiple community theater productions.

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