E011: Leverage the Power of Podcast Interviews with Yann Ilunga

Yann Ilunga is a podcaster and podcasting consultant who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative leverage the power of podcasting to build authority, network with influencers, generate more leads, and acquire new customers.

Yann has three podcasts has is the founder of the world’s largest virtual summit for podcasters, the Podcast Success Summit.

Learn more about Yann at YannIlunga.com

My interview with Yann is a bit of a twist on the normal course of the podcast, but you don’t want to miss this interview! The advice Yann will give you on how to leverage the power of podcasts to grow your audience will literally save you thousands of dollars if you are planning a publicity campaign.

In fact, one of the big findings from the recent in-depth survey I did on published authors is that many considered hiring publicists as their WORST spend on their publishing journey.

You can avoid this mistake by following Yann’s advice from this interview.

Here are the steps that Yann recommends to leverage the most from podcast interviews, from planning to outreach to follow up

#1:  Define your target audience
#2:  Go to Itunes to learn more about the podcasts that serve that target audience
#3:  Remember quality over quantity (the best fit with your audience)
#4:  Look at New & Noteworthy (or plan way ahead, as established podcasts normally have a long waiting list)
#5:  List, listen and learn (three Ls)
#6:  Get clear on your outcomes (What would you like a listener to do after they listen to the interview? Buy a book? Join your community?)
#7:  (Assuming that you want people to become part of your email list)…Create -or just repackage- some free content and create a landing page (with a customized URL that is easy to remember) that will bring people into your community.  (In other words, give away free content in exchange for a listener’s email address).
#8: Make your outreach to podcast hosts very personal (Yann suggests “Twitter flirts and other social media outreach)
#9: Send a one-sheet to the podcast host that is customized and user friendly.  You can also use a web-page so that you can make updates very quickly. Here is a top-notch example from Yann:
#10: Know that practice makes perfect; you will get to be a better interviewee over time (so there is no better time to get started than now!)
#11: Have a clear, SINGLE CTA (Call To Action).  Yann suggests learning more about Yann www.yannilunga.com (there is information about his Facebook group, the Podcast Success Summit, his Funnel course, and podcast Academy).
Follow Up
#12: Follow up (make magic AFTER the interview) with your follow up. Connect with hosts on social media, discuss possible introductions, and brainstorm on possible next steps.  Yann calls this “laying the foundation to make this a long term relationship and possible collaboration”. 🙂

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