E014: Consistency is Key with Bryan Cohen

My guest today is Bryan Cohen.

Bryan is a book marketing expert, author, and podcaster. He has written novels novels as well as a series of books of creative writing prompts.

He is also a freelance writer and a blogger at BryanCohen.com.

Bryan is a co-host on the The Sell More Books Show, which you should definitely check out on itunes!

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:
#1:  Monetization is more than hoping and praying
#2:  Monetization on Amazon is about traffic
#3:  Monetization is about patience
#4:  The #1 problem authors face is obscurity. To build traffic: blogging, podcasts (both sides of the mic), a high volume production schedule for book releases, BookBub ads, Amazon Marketing Ads, Facebook Ads, email list building, networking
#5:  Connect with other authors in your genre. Bryan's favorite ways include conferences, Patreon, podcasts, Facebook groups, social media, email, start an event, start a movement (be a leader/agent of change)
#6: Don't be shy with Amazon Ads (which include sponsored products, product display ads, product display interest ads). Bryan suggests that we start. Understand ROI. Digital ads are the way to go
#7: No such thing as magic formulas in the book business

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