E015: Apply the Law of Attraction to your Book Project with Poppy and Geoff Spencer

My guest today is Poppy and Geoff Spencer.

Poppy and Geoff are Licensed, Certified New Life Story Coaches, relationship and parenting experts, “Millennial Translators,” national speakers, authors of Amazon #1 New Release, and Amazon Bestseller, One Billion Seconds: There’s Still Time to Discover Love.

Poppy and Geoff are also Radio Show hosts who offer to counsel for modern relationships with real results. Their 40+ years of working with multiple generations in the workplace garner them the title of “Millennial Translators.”

With their trademarked diagnostic communication tool, and their proprietary programs, Poppy and Geoff help individuals, parents, CEO’s, managers, and Millennials, improve heart-healthy communication.

Many of their clients come to them when in transition, and Poppy and Geoff help them gracefully transition from a divorce, a job, or an unhealthy relationship. Check out their website here.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:
#1:   Generosity is key
#2:  The Law of Attraction works to stay positive (but requires patience)
#3:  The Law of Attraction requires work too!
#4:  In the end, love is how success should be defined. Other key messages in the book include self-love, trust, vulnerability, and communication
#5:  Write it down! The creative process means that ideas can hit you at the strangest times and places!
#6:  Build a team (ask for help) to maximize your strengths and likelihood for success
#7:  Be gracious receivers of help
#8:  When it comes time to ask for help on a book launch, make your outreach grateful and personal
As you can see, they are really on a MISSION to make the world a better place, with better relationships and increased happiness and success!
Finally, I promised in the interview to show you a look at their book cover makeover. Check out the Before and After pictures below!

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