E016: Step into your Creative Authority with Ginger Moran

My guest today is Ginger Moran.

Ginger Moran is a teacher, published writer, and single mom of two boys.

Her areas of expertise are in fiction and creative nonfiction writing, editing, and creative survival.

Ginger holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston in Literature and Creative Writing and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from the University of Virginia.

She’s been published in Salon.com, Oxford American, The Virginia Quarterly Review, and Feminist Studies among other journals and magazines. Ginger’s first novel, The Algebra of Snow, was nominated for a Pushcart Editor’s Choice Award and was published in the spring of 2012.

She is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a KMCC Creativity Coach. Ginger teaches fiction and memoir writing at the university level and with private clients.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:
#1:  Publishing can be overwhelming even for those that have PHDs in literature and creative writing!
#2:  The publishing process, from writing to publicity, is not necessarily intuitive (it’s complex and ever-changing)
#3:  The costs of publishing need to be de-mystified*
#4:  Sharing your message is about building a community
#5:  Ways to build community (online and offline) include:  events, email lists, podcasts, getting involved anywhere that people connect
#6:  Step into your creative authority and take your reader on a journey
#7: It takes a lot of courage to not get discouraged on your publishing journey
*Check out the findings of the Author Outreach Survey here!

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