E021: Gain Clarity for your Writing Project with Carol Kline

Carol Kline has co-authored over a half-dozen books with some of the world’s top transformational leaders—including Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, and also Marci Shimoff, Lisa Nichols, and Gay Hendricks.

Five of those books went on to become New York Times bestsellers.

In other words, Carol is a rock star in the world of publishing.

Carol allows us to gain clarity on our writing projects.

Here are the fun nuggets from our interview:
Fun nugget #1: Know your purpose for your writing project (see the six reasons below)
Fun nugget #2: Create an elevator pitch for your writing project (your book!) so that you can easily explain it
Fun nugget #3: Create a skeleton for your book (a proposal)
Fun nugget #4: Create prompts for your subconscious
Fun nugget #5: Combine gaming of writing with having an accountability group
Fun nugget #6: Embrace exuberant imperfection

Sub-nuggets under writing purpose:
1. Altruism
2. Fame & fortune
3. Expert status
4. Sharing a passion
5. Catharsis
6. Leave a legacy

Sub-nugget under the elevator pitch:
You might be able to use a framework such as:

I am writing a book for (target audience) to solve (the paint point that the target audience feels) that will transform them and take them from (starting point) and bring them to (a new level that solves their pain point).

Carol reminds you that your elevator pitch will change — so don't think that you are stuck with what you start with.

Sub-nuggets under the skeleton/book proposal:

Your proposal should contain:
1. An overview:  What it is, why is it needed, what is the unique value proposition, why you're the right person to write it
2. Create a delivery system for your writing work (chronology, use of story, action steps, mind map, scaffolding)
3. The competitive analysis

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