E025: Grow Your Author Platform with Ashley Durrer

Ashley Durrer, Director of Business Development at Instafreebie, is passionate about art forms of all kinds.

Ashley developed her passion for the arts when she worked for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. As a volunteer with the Accessibility Department, she continues to enrich the experiences of visitors.

Now an entrepreneur, her focus has been on accelerating great stories and big ideas. She believes there is a fan for every story and every idea.

Ashley has been honored to work with great authors (and considers many of them friends) as they continue to work together in innovative ways.

On today’s interview we will go through some of the services provided by InstaFreebie and all the steps required to be part of this innovative platform-building community for authors.

Here are the steps you can take to join InstaFreebie:

  1. Visit and select your plan at instafreebie.com/plans— you can select a free account or free one month trial).
  2. You can visit Instafreebie’s Get Started section or upload your epub book file or upgrades/extra content to get started (for fiction you can upload alternate endings and for non-fiction you can upload other information valuable to the readers as well as chapters or the entire book for the giveaway).
  3. After you upload content, create a campaign and start sharing your with your audience!
  4. Verification as an author will confirm the authenticity of your Instafreebie author account to readers and other Instafreebie authors. Instafreebie will be working on the process of author verification in the future. In the meantime, make sure you fill out your Instafreebie Author Page with your author information everyone knows who you are and where to find you! You can also submit a request for a verified badge by filling out this form.
  5. As an author you will get the chance of being featured on one of the Instafreebie genre newsletters that are sent out every day of the week, every week.
  6. Instafreebie values authors that are actually engaging with their readers, this shows us that the 10th person on your email list is as important as the 1000th as both have the same chance of becoming a super fan.
  7. Besides having your solo campaign you can create or be part of an Instafreebie Group Giveaway (instafreebie.com/groupgiveaway). This is a collective of authors promoting a single web page of books which is a genius idea.
  8. You can also join Group Giveaways by third party organizers known as Verified Organizers such as Ebook Discovery, Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy.
  9. Authors can sign up for free marketing opportunities on FB
  10. Anyone looking to be a Verified Organizer, can send an email request to support@instafreebie.com.
  11. The best of all, it takes MINUTES not hours to set up!

*Check with your publisher or distributors to make sure that you have the legal go-ahead to offer your content for free.






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