E028: Value Lessons more than Success with Derek Doepker

Today's guest is Derek Doepker.

Derek Doepker is a 7x bestselling author of fitness, personal development, and business books. Derek leads hands-on training workshops, courses and retreats to teach authors how to turn their passion for writing into a sustainable business.

Don't forget to access Derek's e-book, Why Author's Fail.

Here are the fun nuggets from our interview:
Fun nugget #1: It's all about creating the right mindset
Fun nugget #2: Start building a tribe/following as soon as possible
Fun nugget #3: Know the Amazon algorithms
Fun nugget #4: Recovery strategies DO exist in the case that you need to re-launch (go through fun nuggets #1-#3 again).

Sub-nuggets under mindset:
1. Compare and despair
2. Don't compare your beginning/middle to someone else's end
3. Recognize that there is no such thing as overnight success
4. Perfectionism is the enemy of get it done
5. View the bottle that is yourself from the outside (by getting validation and feedback from those on the outside)
6. GOLDEN SUB NUGGET:  Value lessons more than successes

Sub-nugget under building a tribe: take the leveraged way, not the easy (or hard!) way.

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