E031: Ask Yourself the Heart and Soul Questions with Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria

Michael is an Integrative Psychologist, Three-time Bestselling Author, Mindfulness/Meditation/Yoga Teacher and Four-Time Grammy® Nominated Recording Artist.

He has over 33 years of experience helping guide others on their life journey.

Michael is also the author and creator of PEACE WITHIN: Clear Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Embrace Your Soul and Heal Your Life #1 Bestseller and on-site and online program.

His YouTube channel is home to his popular 7×7 Meditation Challenge, Mindful Moment with Michael and other healing music videos based on his award winning Grammy® nominated music.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

Related to entrepreneurism/authorpreneurism

Fun nugget #1: The democratization of publishing has been happening over the last decade or so
Fun nugget #2: The technology hurdles have been lowered (as they have been in the music industry)
Fun nugget #3: Self-investment is required (because there are fewer players that want to “discover you”)
Fun nugget #4: The new model requires more ongoing hustle (it is a scale-based business)
Fun nugget #5: It always takes longer than you think 🙂

Michael's website

Here are some of the questions Michael would like to see you ask yourself:
* Do you want to write or have written?
* Are you an author or a writer?
* Do you have one book in you or do you have many books in you?
* What are your long term plans as a writer/author?
* What is your disposable income?
* What does your heart and soul want to say to the world?

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