E034: Make Your Book Look Beautiful with Christina Culbertson

My guest today is Christina Culbertson.

Christina Culbertson is a fabulous interior book designer and owner of 3Cs Books, LLC. As an author assistant, she has learned the ins and outs of self-publishing and has a knack for customized interior design and layouts.

Christina enjoys working one-on-one with authors and creating unique layouts—she also isn’t afraid of sharing a few tips and tools for authors who’d like to format themselves!

You can find out more about formatting options at www.3CsBooks.com or email support@3csbooks.com for more information.

Here are the fun nuggets from our interview:
Fun nugget #1: Interior design is important because it is your interface with your reader, your audience
Fun nugget #2: We don't know what we don't know (orphans, widows, justifications, fonts, white space)
Fun nugget #3: The difference between sans serif and serif (without ornamentation, then with ornamentation); ornamentation means “flags” coming out of the bottom of the letters
Fun nugget #4: You can make even a textbook into a work of art through interior design

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