E036: Make a Radical Difference in Your Life through Powerful Habits with Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author with over 60 books in his catalog, He also blogs about habit development on his site DevelopGoodHabits.com. You can also find him at Authority.pub, where he teaches the principles of the authority self-publishing model. When not working, he likes to read, exercise, and spend time with his family.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

Fun nugget #1: Finding a topic for your book is as easy as going back to elementary school (use a good old fashioned Venn Diagram to find the intersection of personal interest/passion, personal experience, and profitability)
Fun nugget #2: Having a “stinker” of a book is not the end of the world (folks, treat it as an important learning lesson)

Fun nugget #3: O=E+R (Outcomes equals events plus your response to events); your outcomes for your book will be directly correlated to the amount of hustle you put behind them
Fun nugget #4: Write, Publish, Repeat (also the title of a book both Steve and I recommend)
Fun nugget #5: Think about the next steps beyond the book before you write your book (consulting, affiliate marketing, online courses, an online community, etc.)

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