E037: Make Fiction Fun (and Find Your Inner Child) with Beth Barany

Today's guest is Beth Barany.

An award-winning novelist, Beth is a speaker, teacher, coach, and co-founder of the Barany School of Fiction that she runs with her husband, Ezra.

Here are the fun nuggets from our interview:
Fun nugget #1: Finding a writing community can help you to navigate the vast and unknown (often overwhelming) world of fiction
Fun nugget #2: There are are robust, tested methods out there that allow you to save time (and therefore money) in writing your fiction work
Fun nugget #3: Fiction writing can turn work into play 🙂
Fun nugget #4: Perfection is the enemy of get it done
Fun nugget #5:  A self publishing checklist can help you to chart out your journey and keep you organized. Beth also suggests a “meta document” where you keep all of the information about your book in one place.

Here is the Author Survey report we mentioned in the interview.

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To learn more about Beth, please visit her website.

For a free 5-Day Writer's Motivation mini-course, please go here.

For more information about Beth's Plan Your Novel 30-day course (that we discuss in the interview), please click here.

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