E040: Be Your Own Publicist with Wayne Kelly

Today’s guest is Wayne Kelly.

Wayne is a radio host – who helps experts become their own publicists – connecting with Radio and TV shows across the country.

He’s on the air weekday mornings from 6-9 am hosting the Wayne and Jayne Show in BC Canada.

As a man of many talents, he puts on THREE different hats with complete fluidity and grace during our interview.  I’ve arranged the fun nuggets based on the hat Wayne’s wearing at the time:
1. Wayne as Marketing Guy/Content Creator
2. Wayne as the Radio Show Host/Producer
3. Wayne as the Media Coach

Enjoy the interview and learn more and connect with Wayne at onairpublicity.com

Here are the fun nuggets from our interview, across the various hats:

Wayne as Marketing Guy/Content Creator
Fun nugget #1: Think about taking your book and turning it into a high-value product (a back end course, for example)
Fun nugget #2: It can be hard to create content alone (easier if someone can help pull the content out of you)
Fun nugget #3: Being a successful entrepreneur is all about people getting people to know, like, and trust you (and having an accelerating list of products/ services to offer them)
Fun nugget #4: When thinking about your target market, niche down until it hurts

Wayne as the Radio Show Host/Producer

Fun nugget #1:  Go local
-If you’re writing a book about a local area, put people in your book for instant fans!
Fun nugget #2: Have a HOOK when connecting with the national market (relevant, attention-grabbing)
Fun nugget #3: Have FUN with your hooks
-Wayne’s secret sauce includes searching on browielocks.com
Fun nugget #4: Make your pitch for your segment be something that will be interactive for the audience

(Then we did a fun pitch make-over for a pitch related to Earth Day- FUN)

Wayne as the Media Coach

Fun nugget #1: Don’t ever pay to be a guest on a radio show (that’s not how legit radio shows work)
Fun nugget #2: Do the math first to see if you’ll get a return on the money you spend on publicity
Fun nugget #3: Don’t think about appearances as “selling”; you’re there to entertain and educate
Fun nugget #4: If you need help with strategies (how to create sound bites, hooks, create press releases, how to find shows, and how to implement great value-added tactics such as giveaways), there are packages available for as little as $500 at onairpublicity (this is Kathryn’s pitch for Wayne’s awesome services) 🙂

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