E041: Discover the Joys and Benefits of Children’s Books with Mira Reisberg

Children's Book Academy Director, Dr. Mira Reisberg, is a multi-published, award-winning children’s book illustrator and author whose books have sold over 600,000 copies.

She has helped and continues to help many children’s book writers and illustrators get published.

Mira has worked as an editor, art director, designer, university professor teaching kid lit writing and illustration, as well as a literary agent.

She has a PhD in Education and Cultural Studies with a focus on kid lit.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

Fun nugget #1: You can change the world for the better through writing and illustrating children's books.
Fun nugget #2:  You can change yourself through the process of writing and illustrating children's books (even healing childhood wounds).
Fun nugget #3:  Even though children's books are shorter, they can be harder to write.
Fun nugget #4: Persistence is key (another “p” word!)
Fun nugget #5:  Due to the cost of producing children's books in a professional way, Mira suggests the traditional publishing route as the first choice, but her Children's Book Academy does offer a course on self publishing.

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