E048:Embrace how Frickin’ Awesome You Are (Allissa Daire Nelson)

Alissa Daire Nelson is the founder of Daire Success Coaching and the author of From Frustrated To Frickin' Awesome: 4 Steps to Achieve the Success You're Wired For.

On this interview we will have the opportunity to learn from Alissa's publishing process as a busy mom of two children.

You will love the three fun nuggets from the interview.

Please see below for more about Alissa and her amazing experience as coach, author and podcaster.

I've also included a link to the episode on her Maximize Your Strengths podcast where Alissa interviewed me.  We met in person at Podcast Movement.

The three fun nuggets from the interview are:
1) A book is just like a baby, things start to flow and you start to see some results on the second trimester. But things get real on the third semester where you start struggling with everything and questioning every word you write down;
2) The major benefits of writing a book are: intellectual property, confidence, credibility, visibility, connection, branding and above all else, clarity.
3) You are perfectly lopsided. We were never meant to be well rounded and completely independent.

Here is the interview when Alissa interviewed me. 🙂

Focus on Your Strengths to Achieve Your Life Dreams


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