E052: Build Your Tribe through Video with Simon Payne

Simon Payne is the founder of both LeadPages and his newest company, ConvertPlayer. Simon is a serial entrepreneur, technical mastermind, hacker, and now video marketer.

In less than four years, Simon Payne’s company LeadPages grew from just two other founders and himself to 160 employees worldwide, with over $38MM in venture capital raised and over 50k active customers, while being profitable from the very beginning.

In case that isn’t impressive enough for you, Simon would soon after that leave his company, challenging himself to do it all again with his second venture, ConvertPlayer. This time, all by himself.


Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

Related to entrepreneurism/authorpreneurism

Fun nugget #1: Entrepreneurship is about being a good marketer
Fun nugget #2: It’s not about you/your business/your book, it’s about the customer
Fun nugget #3: Customer (reader) discovery is about finding your customers and learning about their pain points
Fun nugget #4: Get out of the ivory tower when you’re creating your product so that you can be more competitive in the marketplace

Related to the movement towards video/Convert Player
Fun nugget #1: Video is where the market is going (if we compare text, audio, and video)
Fun nugget #2: Video converts better because it is more human and personal (something we need in this digital world)
Fun nugget #3: Just get started; the best way is just to start (you can create a channel and just share with family/friends)
Fun nugget #4: Perfection is the enemy of “get it done”
Fun nugget #5: Authenticity is key (don’t use the excuse of needing to look perfect)
Fun nugget #6: Don’t compare your beginning or middle to someone else’s end

Kathryn publicly states a commitment to get started on video!!

Update: OMG- what a RIOT!  After trying to find good light inside our house, we went outside to find natural light and a nice setting.  My short video was meant to offer an inspiring introduction to the upcoming Make Publishing Fun Summit. This particular “take” did not work out as expected but was SO FUNNY that my daughter edited it so that we could share it with the world.  We hope you laugh as hard as we did in our house! 🙂

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