E071: Support Your Brand with a Book (Megan McCann)

In this episode, you’ll learn about how progress over perfection allowed author and entrepreneur Megan McCann to write and publish a book in just four months. 

Megan McCann is the Founder of the Soul Success brand (and author of the anthology by the same title). Check out the book, Soul Success, on Amazon.  

There are nine “fun nuggets” for you to take away from this interview:

Fun nugget #1:  Not knowing what you are doing (on any fun new adventure, like writing a book for the first time) is par for the course.

Fun nugget #2:  Find others who have gone before you successfully and pattern your own way based on their success.

Fun nugget #3: Don’t let limiting beliefs sabotage your journey.

Fun nugget #4: It’s okay to feel like a raving lunatic on your book publishing process!

 Fun nugget #5: Prioritize things using an emotional thermometer (see video excerpt below).

Fun nugget #6: Your publicity campaign can come from multiple angles (Megan’s included having a Summit to coincide with the book launch).

Fun nugget #7: Have a mission statement for your book.

Fun nugget #8: Allow that mission statement to act as a filter for making decisions.

Fun nugget #9: Always remain flexible/adaptable.

Megan talks about the concept of an emotional thermometer:

About Megan McCann

Megan is a best-selling author, speaker, coach & the Founder of Soul Success®, global personal development and leadership brand designed for female leaders ready to reach their next level. She holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology from US Santa Barbara, Masters in Counseling from USC, Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and in 2011 made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar nutrition company, a 7 figure producing business.

She currently works with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, intuitive healers, speakers, authors, and other creatives, and give them the tools to scale their business. Megan has opened yoga and nutrition centers and studios along the West Coast. Her global events, retreats, business summits, mastermind, 1:1 coaching, and online tools give current and future change-makers the tools to harness their highest potential. She lives in Hailey, ID with her two daughters Mykala and Galena, and her husband Luc.


Sign up for the Soul Success retreat September 16-18, 2020: https://www.thesoulsuccess.com/events





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