E073: Take Responsibility for Your Life (Pirie Grossman)

In this episode, you’ll learn about how wellness leader Pirie Grossman overcame four divorces, a suicide attempt, and deep secrets to unleash her inner beautiful spiritual being.

Today Pirie is a successful entrepreneur, coach, wellness leader, and co-founder of “Own Your Throne.”

There are nine “fun nuggets” for you to take away from this interview:

Fun nugget #1:  Adopt a beginner’s mindset (to experience spiritual growth)

Fun nugget #2:  Life happens for us (to learn our lessons).

Fun nugget #3:  Take responsibility for your life.

Fun nugget #4: Secrets can be toxic.

Fun nugget #5:Listen to yourself (Pirie recommends a free form writing exercise).

Fun nugget #6: Love yourself first.

Fun nugget #7: Talk to your inner child with love and compassion.

Fun nugget #8: Connect with your higher self during meditation

Fun nuggets #9: Be Kind.

During the pre-interview chat, Pirie gives some amazing advice about watching the stories we tell ourselves and how we view other people.


About Pirie Grossman

Pirie Jones Grossman is a certified Life Coach, TedX Speaker, writer and co-founder and co-host of the podcast, Own Your Throne! She has shared the stage with speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Kris Carr, and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She also leads women’s empowerment workshops, focusing on self-esteem, and helping women reignite the second chapter of their lives!

She’s a former TV host for E! Entertainment Television, Fox Television, NBC, CBS, and ABC. She was Co-Chair for the Special Olympics International World Winter Games in Idaho and spoke at the UN on behalf of Special Olympics.

She is the founder of the “Love is Louder” Brain Health Summit with Suicide survivor, Kevin Hines, focusing on teenage depression and suicide.  She also gave a TEDx talk about “How To Heal A Community from Suicide.”

Pirie has her Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, California.  She is a Sun Valley Wellness Institute Board member.  She lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, with her two teenagers, where she has a private Life Empowerment coaching practice.






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