E074: Overcome Shame to Create Health and Community with Melissa Costello

In this episode, you’ll learn from two foodies talking together about how much fun it can be to enjoy food and the good company it creates.

I bring in my experience and expertise from my decade-plus running the nonprofit Nurture (www.MakeEverythingFun.com/Nurture) and talk with another serious foodie about our relationship to food, our vocabulary around food, and how to create a healthy and loving relationship with food, ourselves, and the planet.

Our guest is celebrity chef, cookbook author and Transformational Eating Coach Melissa Costello. You’ll love hearing about her deep exploration of food, childhood experiences, and cultural messaging around appearance. This is a healing journey for many.

The four “fun nuggets” from this interview are a combination of wellness tips and author advice:

#1:  Get out of the Food Prison that our “diet culture” creates.

#2:  Heal your relationship with food by understanding how food has been hardwired in our brains to relate to survival.

#3:  Recognize that even a cookbook can be a spiritual tool.

#4:  View a book as a tool to bring together your unique experiences in life to create something new and special.

You can also watch this interview here:

About Melissa Costello

Melissa Costello is a Transformational Eating Coach, Author, Speaker, and Holistic Nutritionist. Her years of work as a private, plant-based chef for celebrity trainer, Tony Horton creator of P90x organically led her to work with her clients on a much deeper level when she recognized the struggles they had with consistent, healthy eating and sustainable weight loss. Her mission is to empower busy professionals to stop the struggle with yo-yo dieting, weight loss, and food obsession so they can live a life of freedom without restriction, deprivation, or rules. Melissa’s in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Nutrition, and holistic coaching along with her own personal struggles provides the foundation for her clients to experience powerful breakthroughs and sustainable, profound transformation. 









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