EP95: Spread Positivity with Kimberley Bouchard

In this episode, we talk with Positively Disney’s Kimberley Bouchard. 

Kimberly followed her passion and created a life integrating fun, making a difference, and being a successful entrepreneur.

She fell in love with Disney as a child dancing to The Wonderful World of Disney in her living room. When her husband encouraged her to spend more time at the Magical Kingdom, she saw the Disney mission of  “representing all that is good in the world” as being something worthy of spreading. Positively Disney was born.

In our interview, we talk about how Kimberley overcame those “little inner voices” of doubt and criticism to launch a life full of fun and purpose.  

Don’t miss out on her secret of how she is able to show up every time in such as way that is magnetic and powerful for her fans.

We uncover nine fun nuggets in our discussion about her approach to an integrated life:

#1: Find a way to bring together what you love with what you do professionally.

#2:  Age is just a number (never let it be an obstacle).

#3:  Do or do not. There is no try (we quoted Yoda!). Watch this video to learn more:

#4: Be creative about networking tools at your disposal (Kimberly mentions wearing on-brand clothing or having on-brand accessories as a great conversation starter). Watch this video to learn more:

#5:  You never know who you are going to talk to (so always be kind and engaging).

#6: Books, especially cookbooks, create community.

#7: Philanthropy creates community.

#8: Touch people’s hearts and make a difference in the world.

#9:  Ask the (Tinkerbell) question: have I brought joy to God (Goddess/Universe/choose your word) today?

About Kimberley

Kimberley Bouchard is the bestselling author of the Positively Disney book series, and host of the Positively Disney podcast. Originally from Canada, she now resides in Seattle with her husband, three children, and various critters. 

What’s fun for Kimberley

Doing new things such as trying Top Golf for the first time and beating my college son! I especially like creating good surprises such as surprising folks with candy canes (especially to the motorists backed up for miles on a road on Vancouver Island, BC), dropping off Easter baskets at friends’ front doors during the pandemic, shipping Christmas in a box anonymously to someone in need. Hanging out with my family anywhere especially at Disney, and dating my husband again since our kids are all adults are at the top of my list!




Instagram: @positivelydisneybook

Instagram: @positivelydisney.cookbook

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