EP96: Velcro to Good Feelings with Dr. Jane Tornatore

In this episode, we talk about the brain and how it protects us.

However, the way our brains are wired can get in the way of ease and flow.  We dive into some productivity hacks, understand how language affects our feelings, and learn how to make intuitive decisions for the highest good.

My guest is Dr. Jane Tornatore. Jane is the author of the compact and wonderful book, Everything is Perfect, Just Not ME! A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance. She is a therapist, coach, author, and speaker who loves to help people overcome perfectionism. 

We uncover ten fun nuggets in our discussion about her work with clients on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Enjoy the fun nuggets:

#1: The brain develops in stages, starting with Delta waves (ages -2) and moving to Theta waves (ages 2-6). Healing occurs optimally in Delta and Theta brain states.

Learn more about healing your mind/body system in the previous episode with Dr. Mario Martinez.

#2: Feelings are meant to be felt. Watch this video to learn more:

Hear Dr. Jane describe her Feelings Model in the interview: repress (stuck), feel (process), or feed (spiral).

Can you process feelings as quickly as 90 seconds? We explored this idea earlier in this episode with Dr. Chloe Carmichael.

#3: Change your language to change how you feel about everyday tasks.

#4: Create new habitual thinking to overcome the Velcro and Telfon tendencies in your brain. Watch this video to learn more:

#5: Be curious.

#6: Breathe like a baby.

#7: Learn how to prioritize the “big rocks” over sand and water.

#8: Listen to the wisdom from the body (not the brain). 80% of the information exchange between the brain and body flows UP from the body to the brain.

#9: Allow flow with breath, movement, and dance.  Lack of health/life comes from constriction.

#10: Trust your body to assist you with intuitive decision-making. 

Listen for Dr. Jane’s method of asking for the outcome aligned with the highest good and feeling into the direction/movement of her body.

More about Dr. Jane 

Dr. Jane Tornatore has dedicated her career to helping people be kinder to themselves. Her style incorporates compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness. She draws from her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences to help people release old patterns and unnecessary stress. A therapist, coach, author, and speaker based in Seattle, audiences rave about her engaging workshops on perfectionism, self-compassion, brain hacks for changing our thinking, and reducing stress. Dr. Tornatore received a Master’s degree at the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota.   She has authored over 20 articles and published a book—Everything is Perfect, Just Not ME! A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance.

What’s fun for Dr. Jane?

Having my body in the ocean, lake, or stream!


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