EP98: Not EVERYthing is Fun! With Kat TK

I have not published an episode on either of my podcast for 6 months, missing May through October of 2022. 

What happened during that time period?  

YIKES.  I am still not completely sure (the results of a brain MRI will be coming within the next day or two as I write this), but the entire experience was…ineffable.

Ineffable means, “there are no words to describe”.  I can put some color around the edges, like
-graduating our youngest child

-moving to a Caribbean island (and moving 4 times in 3 months in an effort to dodge mold), 

-remediating a condo (that we bought along with toxic mold), 

-starting a new business, and finally… a mental and physical breakdown?  

It doesn’t stop there, because there are another 5-8 moves, depending on how you define “move”, since I started living out of my car.  Yes, I returned to the states and sold our family home, disrupting our family, and hoped to restart.

In today’s solo cast, I talk about my near-death experience and how I’ve come to terms with the idea that you CAN NOT make everything fun! However, you can learn from your mistakes and failures. 

Did you learn to walk in a day?  No! Did you fall on your face many times?  Yes!  Did your family yell at you when you fell down, telling you that you suck?  No!  So don’t tell yourself that you suck when you fall down, fail, or mess up in life.  Pick yourself back up again, dust yourself off, and ask yourself, “What did I learn from that failure!?”. Then proceed to your next attempt at learning how to walk or whatever else you are attempting to do in your life.

I share with you six (serious) fun nuggets that will hopefully help you feel better when you feel alone. 

#1: Making everything fun is really f*&%ing card.  However, I still believe that fun is the fuel that can get us through difficult times.  I am watching funny movies (a la Norman Cousins) and doing what I can to heal from my trespasses.  “As we forgive those, who trespass against us”. Watch this video to learn more:

#2: Use GIST to help you get out of the really difficult parts of life. Specifically Gratitude, Intention, Surrender, and Trust. Credit to Harry Massey, CEO of NES/Energy 4 Life. 

#3: Know your allergens and how they interact with antibodies. The antigen is the attacking substance; antibodies are what our bodies create to attack that antigen.  Watch this video to learn more about that time I was stung by a bee:

This interview with Dr. Martinez is also very helpful background on the immune system. Thank you, Dr. Mario! 

#4: Hurt people hurt other people.

How can you soothe yourself so that you can treat others better?

Watch the video below to learn more:

#5: Don’t “should” all over yourself. Please.

#6: Simplify your life. I love the work of my dear friend Laura Carlin and Allison Forbes.  Please check out their work at Inspired Everyday Living.

Watch the full podcast episode below:

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