Positivity and Finding your Purpose (Interview with Engel Jones)

I was described as a comforting “stuffed bear” during an interview (12-minute Convos). LUV it.

I participated in this project in 2017, but I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot these days.

Here is a link to the interview. conversation 456 of 1509. ūüôā

What did we cover?

Here are a few of the highlights, along with nuggets of insight for getting your year off to an amazing start. ¬†Because I am known as the “mountain mantra mama”, I will organize the points into mantras for action (there are four). ¬†Here they are:

Mantra #1: ¬†Be an Agent of Change. I described my background as a management consultant and how I loved solving puzzles. I now use these “puzzle or problem-solving skills” to help business groups and individuals be¬†healthier and happier (and therefore more productive and successful). I¬†suggest to others to please use positive psychology (or heart-opening yoga poses) to not feel overwhelmed and lost. ¬†Practice gratitude. ¬†Spread positivity.

Mantra #2: Pivot your direction in life based on messages from your heart. I talked about how I started a nonprofit organization in 2008 when I heard that ONE out of three kids born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes if they follow the Standard American Diet (SAD).  This pivot away from management consulting and into the world of wellness has positioned me in a way where I can be of even more service to my clients.  When Engel asked me about my earliest childhood memory, I told the story of looking for my lost bear and finding it later on a dining room chair.  My emotions when finding the bear transformed from fear to relief, comfort, security, and safety.  I think that the story is a metaphor for life:  we are all on a quest to find purpose and love (the symbol of the bear).  We must transform our fear into love, something I talk a lot about in my first book (Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes).  You can get that book for free on my resources page under Wellness, here.

Mantra #3: ¬†Find your purpose on this planet earth. ¬†How was I to know that management consulting and nonprofit management would combine to put me in a position where I could then lead an innovation center and offer holistic coaching services to my clients?¬† We don’t always know how to connect the dots in the moment/looking forward, but looking back we can use what Steve Jobs called “associative fluency” to put together an incredible foundation for serving and helping the world.

Mantra #4: ¬†Know what makes you unique– and embrace those idiosyncrasies! What gets me out of bed in the morning?: Wanting to help others:¬† What makes my messaging different? ¬†Being positive! Over 1/2 of the world’s population deals with a chronic disease. ¬†These people need encouragement and positivity if we are going to make this planet a healthier and happier place. ¬†I participate in what Engel calls “consistent activity” to serve my audience through speaking, events, books, and podcasts. What ties all of those things together? Positivity!

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