The Power of Group Energy for your Writing Project

When I was in management consulting my boss often told me, “sometimes two problems add up to one solution”.

It sounds weird and counterintuitive, but I saw over the decade that I worked for some of the largest international corporations that this adage proved to be true.

So when I saw some problems start to pop up during my July cohort of the Make Publishing Fun Introductory cohort (people were looking for more guidance + my email inbox was filling up faster than I could handle), I figured I’d find a solution that stemmed from both problems.

I’ll tell you the solution in just a few words below, but first I wanted to invite you to listen in to the webinar we had last week for the cohort.  The feedback from the webinar was awesome, and I feel that the group energy was responsible for some major breakthroughs that that group members were having. For example:

-A Registered Dietician from Colorado decided once and for all that she was making her book writing project too “hard” in her own mind.  The webinar discussion led her to decide that the project was in fact totally doable, and once this mindset shift occurred, she finished 25% of her book outline within a few hours of the group class.

-An English teacher from Idaho had been working on a book idea for years without making the desired progress. A day after the group class, he wrote me and said: “Very helpful webinar. It was the motivation I needed to carve out 45 min here, one hour there, and write.  I wrote for 45 min in between carpooling yesterday.  This is how it will need to get done… I am determined to chisel at the statue.”

Here is the webinar replay:

The solution is the power of the group.  So I’ve decided to create a group on Facebook where I can answer questions from aspiring authors, wellness seekers, and those seeking more fun on their journey towards happiness and productivity. Come over and join us if you’d like to be part of the conversation and group power!

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