Take Time for Professional Development: Tips on Surviving COVID

Today’s post is a Make Leadership Fun post because even leaders at the top of their game always have much to learn.

In today’s world where we are experiencing isolation, reduced opportunities for travel and new experiences, and in some ways the sense of repetitive “groundhog days,” I remind us all that there are still so many growth opportunities.

As an author, Lyme survivor, and health coach, Lisa Rudy Williams says in her book, Biohack Your Way Beyond Lyme, it starts with your mindset.

“It… what starts? For those of you that have not experienced COVID yet, but are working on preventative health measures, “it” for you is the habits you can create to improve your health today.

If you are, like me, currently dealing with COVID in your house, “it” can be those things that you are doing right now to put self-care first and ensure that you are on the correct trajectory to improved health. 

I’ve been writing for about a week on things we are doing in our house to put self-care and improved health first, from eating healthy foods and staying hydrated to practicing meditation and taking care of our mental health.

When I wrote my dissertation/thesis, I (timidly but successfully) included a section on the work of Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Fields, proposing that we are not just our physical and vital bodies but also our spiritual, mental, and supramental bodies. These additional “layers” of our being must also be attended to in the realm of self-care.

Perhaps you are a “learner,” like me (my #1 strength on the Strengthsfinder Assessment). If that is the case, when you are putting self-care first, it is critical to think about those things that engage your mental and supramental minds and make you feel like you are constantly growing and expanding.

Growth/expansion is the opposite of contraction/decay/decline. I know right now that I am hoping to experience more on the growth and expansion side of things as I start to move out of the active phase of my COVID symptoms and into full recovery.

Another thing is that I haven’t been called to go outside or engage in any physical activity for over two weeks now! The typical growth experience that I get from hiking or otherwise moving my body in nature has not been part of my recent experience.

So what can I do for growth and expansion?  What is so opportunistic about the pandemic is that many learning activities that once required travel (difficult for moms like me) are now available online/right from the comfort of your own home.

A few of the courses I’ve signed up for include the Bredesen Protocol, a course on Endocannabinoids, and a new mental wellness protocol training. I’ve participated in several online summits, including the Parasympathic Summit, the Optimal Performance Summit, a Deep Dive with the Evolutionary Business Council, and most recently, the Women’s Wisdom in a Time of Crisis with Marianne Williamson and other transformational women leaders.

What might YOU think about in terms of growth and expansion during this time? I’ve got several courses you can take, and a few of them are FREE (the Make Nutrition Fun course is free, as is the Make Publishing Fun summit). I’ve got a fantastic writing course with Carol Klinea Leadership Course, and a course about how to budget and plan for the journey to publish a successful bookTake advantage of 50% off my premium courses by using the code: SAVE50.

You can learn about my courses on the Courses tab on my website (MakeEverythingFun.com). My Resources tab has plenty of Master Classes, and my podcasts provide hours and hours of learning. Whatever suits your fancy!

I also imagine that with Black Friday coming up, most of the course sites like Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy, and others will have deep sales. I remember buying many courses last year that I still have yet to finish. I am so grateful to live a lifetime of learning!

To your growth and expansion during these challenging times…

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