A quick tip to get back in balance on your journey to wellness

As I was working on the launch of my third and fourth books, I was spending TOO MUCH time with “butt in chair” and not eating as healthy as I should.

I needed to hit the “reset button”, so I used this super easy and fast technique (that I learned through my participation in Debra Poneman’s wonderful program, Yes to Success).  It is a grounding technique that I knew about, but that I had just forgotten to practice.

I even wrote about getting grounded in my first book, Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.  Here is an easy exercise that is from the book’s appendix (which includes yoga and mindfulness tips):

Mindfulness exercises help you feel more grounded and increase body awareness. The following exercise aims to get you out of your head-space and into your body. The head- space is the realm of the monkey mind, the chattering to-do lists, preoccupations of the past, and worries for the future. This exercise involves two simple steps:

  1. Imagine that you have a grounding cord that begins at the base of your spine, or your feet, and extends all the way to the center of the earth.
  2. Keep that image of the connection to the Earth in your mind while you start to gain a deeper awareness of your physical body. Feel your body at a deep and visceral level.

With this simple exercise, you might find that your chattering monkey mind quiets a bit. That’s great progress! You might want to go a little further and ask that anything you don’t need, like nervous or negative energy, simply goes down the cord into the core of the planet, where it is transformed into something positive. Feel the sense of connection to the Earth and all the living creatures that inhabit it.

When you feel like you are working from a strong foundation, you are likely to make better choices in every aspect of life. You are also more likely to listen and take steps to provide your body with good maintenance to improve your health.

Mini Mantra:  Ground through body and mind. Strength and growth you will find.

Here you can get a PDF of the book’s appendix with ALL of the yoga and mindfulness tips HERE.

For an additional bonus, You can download Mantra #2: Get Some Good Boots On (How to build a FOUNDATION for success in health and life here).  

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