E005: Learn the Art of Healthy Living with Dr. Sadeghi

My guest for Episode 005 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show is Dr. Homayoun Sadeghi, M.D., a leader in the mind-body-spirit movement.

The mantras from the show that you can incorporate into your daily life to be healthier and happier are:

1. Mindfulness does not necessarily = meditation
2. Mindfulness is more about emotional awareness
3. Mindfulness requires that we understand our triggers that lead to negative emotions
4. Mindfulness is about creating SPACE between the trigger and your response (so that you can avoid “road-rage/knee-jerk” reactions which you might later regret
5. A simple way to think about the mind-body connection is that the cells are eavesdropping on our thoughts and emotions.  What do we want our cells to hear?
6. Awareness is the first step, but going beyond to work on that space between trigger and response is the hardest part. Cultivating this space and the ability to manage your response requires practice, practice, practice.

Dr. Sadeghi and I both would love to offer you gifts for being part of the show.We are both authors, health advocates, and share the desire to see our world evolve to a healthier and happier place.

As a gift to listeners, I’d like to offer a special excerpt from my first book (Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes) about mindfulness. To access the content, please click here.



Dr. Sadeghi is a highly sought-after speaker, physician, and mind-body expert. He earned his medical degree from the University of Iowa and completed his postgraduate medical training at the Yale University’s Yale New Haven Hospital. Dr. Sadeghi is an advocate of combining the needs of modern living with the power of insight, intuition, wisdom, and inner healing. He believes that a healthy body starts from the inside out. He embraces a holistic approach and stresses the importance of a well-balanced mind and body in the art of well-being. He has authored and published abstracts and articles that are widely quoted and cited in prominent national media.

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