E051: Take good care of your feet; they are your foundation (John Vonhof)

Episode 051 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons podcast features John Vonhof, who is here to help your aching feet after all those miles you’ve been putting on them –thanks to all the inspiration from my latest guests!

Yes, I am assuming that you have been inspired to put in some new mileage in your walking, hiking or running shoes or maybe even some ski boots after listening to the latest episodes with Kikkan Randall and Liz Stephen (E048), Muffy Ritz (EO49), and Rebecca Rusch (E050).

John brings a varied background and extensive experience to Fixing Your Feet –a bestselling book now in its sixth edition. The sixth edition is the synthesis of John’s 34 years of experience as a runner, hiker, and medical professional, and a never-ending quest to learn more about foot care to help athletes in extreme events.

And John’s “Fix Your Feet” kind of reminds me of of the “Get Some Good Boots On” (Mantra #2 from Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes).

I’ve provided you with that chapter, along with action items related to developing a strong foundation in life and health, in this link here.

If you feel like doubling up on free ebooks, Get your free gift (e-book), “5 Steps to Fit and Healthy”  from episode 043 guest Rocky Detwiler. 🙂

More About John
John brings a varied background and extensive experience to Fixing Your Feet, a book he has written now in its sixth edition is the synthesis of 34 years of experience as a runner, hiker, and medical professional, and a never-ending quest to learn more about foot care to help athletes in extreme events.

His popular website www.fixingyourfeet.com is dedicated to providing articles, resources, links, and a blog about foot care, and it serves to inform and educate athletes about all that’s new in foot care and to provide foot-care advice.

Over the years John has provided volunteer medical aid at numerous sporting events around the world, patching feet, training medical staff and interested athletes, and providing advice to thousands of athletes. His expertise has taken him to Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, BC Canada, and many states to help on medical teams. He continues to be sought out for his expertise and experience in providing answers to foot-care questions, especially for multi-day events.

A runner since 1982, John discovered trail running and ultras in 1984. He has completed more than 20 ultras: 50Ks, 50-milers, 100-milers, 24-hour runs, and a 72-hour run. He ran the difficult Western States 100-mile Endurance Run three times and the Santa Rosa 24-Hour and 12-Hour Track Runs 12 times. In 1987, with fellow runner Will Uher, John fastpacked the 211-mile John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada in 8.5 days, carrying a 30-pound pack. He still runs and rides his road bike.

In 1992 John changed careers, becoming a paramedic, orthopedic technician, and emergency room technician. In 2013 he retired from a position as a prehospital care coordinator at an emergency medical services agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are a few testimonials:Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.16.27 PM

I have seen John work with endurance athletes before, during, and after some of the world’s toughest foot races, and I can say with great confidence that no one knows feet better than John. Based on years of research and experience, he has compiled the ultimate guide on foot care for athletes. Fixing Your Feet contains practical treatments of foot problems and reveals tried-and- true secrets about how to prevent them.

—Lisa Bliss, MD, former Medical Director of the “World’s Toughest Foot Race,” the Badwater Ultramarathon

John Vonhof has more practical experience fixing feet than anyone I know. He is the expert, has the experience, and is the go-to guy for feet. Fixing Your Feet is comprehensive and complete; itis a must-read for foot care.

—Marshall Ulrich adventure racer and seven summiter who has crossed Death Valley 22 times; author of Running on Empty

I consider Fixing Your Feet a must-have for every sports podiatrist! It’s an invaluable resource.
—Rob Conenello, DPM. Global Clinical Advisor, Special Olympics; Past President, American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

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