E056: Invent Something Cool with Rob Malen

Today’s guest for the Mountain Mantras Podcast is Rob Malen, a very cool inventor!

Here are the five mantras from the show:

Note that the first two are health related and the next three are leadership/life success related
1. Parents, sometimes it is in your best interest to get out of the way when giving your kids health advice (which leads to….)
2….Peer to peer messaging is key to enforce great health habits
3. (Now, for in business): Find a role model or mentor
4. Step into the modern world of technology and make it work for your business
5. Marketing (including social media) is about sharing and inclusivity.  (In other words, it’s okay to LOVE it).

More about Rob:

Parent-inventor Rob Malen of metro-Detroit, Michigan developed BrushyBall – TheScreen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.19.50 PM Toothbrush Training Coach based on the experiences he and his daughter shared as she learned to brush on her own.  The project began in 2009 and spanned seven years as he prototyped, patented, found manufacturing partners and finally funding to produce the product.  The journey involved a kickstarter.com campaign and many contributions of talent from students at College for Creative Studies, an out of work automotive engineer, the University of Michigan 3D Lab and also feedback and advice from many dentists and registered dental hygienists.

Check out this video:

Rob is currently developing new character versions and additional BrushyBall products. Prior to BrushyBall, Rob worked as a software and social media trainer.


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