E014: Preserve and Share Your Life Story with Solu’s David Currier

Episode 014 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features an interview between (my husband) Jeff Guylay and David Currier. David talks about the importance of preserving and sharing our life stories, and his company Solu is making this process easy and accessible through new technology and a user friendly app.  David is an Olympian turned entrepreneur, and you will love to hear the passion of his story in creating Solu.

Read more about David below.


About Jeff and Colonnade Advisorsscreen-shot-2016-10-23-at-2-13-41-pm

Jeff Guylay is a partner at Colonnade Advisors, LLC.  Colonnade helps entrepreneurs sell their businesses or raise capital to grow. Colonnade’s professionals work closely with business owners to evaluate strategic alternatives and execute transactions that best meet a business owner’s long-term objectives.

About David

David Currier has spent much of his career at Smith Optics, where he was recently General Manager of the Optics Division. Smith is famous worldwide for its innovative, durable, top-quality products in the eyewear and goggle market.

An Olympian, David competed in the 1972 Winter Olympics at Sapporo for the US Ski Team, as an Alpine Skier. He went on to work at several iconic ski and gear manufacturers, including Carrera and Volant. David has served on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Snowsports Industries America.

After Smith Optics left the Wood River Valley in 2014 and 15, David became CEO of Solu, a multimedia storytelling software platform that inspires you to reminisce and record the stories of who you are and how you will be remembered; automatically organizes them into a series of editable, searchable and sharable chapters; and preserves them for generations to come.

David is one of three founders of Solu, including Stephen and Joey White, a father and son team that relocated from Las Vegas to Ketchum last year to launch Solu in The Ketchum Innovation Center.

Contact David at dcurrier@solu.pub

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