E030: Heal your gut with an explanation of the GAPS diet with Trisha Hughes

My guest for Episode 030 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show is Trisha Hughes.  This episode if for YOU if you answer YES to any of the following questions:
-Do you sometimes dread family meals?
-Have you ever struggled because you feel you’re feeding your kids too many processed foods but you’re stuck on not knowing what else there is to feed them?
-Have you ever felt overwhelmed by prep work, cooking, dishes & everything else it takes to get a ‘real food’ meal on the table?

More about Trisha
Trisha Hughes is the creator of Eat Your Beets.  Trisha is a mama to 4 kiddos. She lives for travel & adventure & loves to experience new places through her stomach. She is a passionate advocate for veggies & healthy eating, especially when it comes to families & kiddos! She also indulges in her other passions of simplifying life through minimalist fashion, fitness in all forms & food photography. Read her advice for feeding kids healthy foods

She believes that family meals can be simple, easy and nutritious.  She believes you can step away from the Goldfish crackers & gummy snacks & find ways to buy less processed foods. She believes that preparing ‘real food’ meals for your family does take time but it shouldn’t take all your time. She also has a firm belief that arguing with a 3 year old over a green bean won’t get you anywhere -so she does have lots of other tips & tricks to help with your picky eaters. Read Trisha’s story about her “GAPS baby” Arthur.

She also believes that mothers don’t take enough care & time for themselves. Often, we are struggling with depression, anxiety & self confidence issues. She has seen how her own struggles with weight, shame & self worth affected her relationships, family & especially her children.

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