E038: Have a Happy and Healthy New Year with Ginger Hudock

Episode 038 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest Ginger Hudock, a holistic nutrition consultant. Her business, Nutrition with Ginger, helps clients discover the power of personalized, whole foods nutrition to prevent and heal from many chronic health concerns, especially gluten and other sensitivities.

Learn more about Ginger’s work at nutritionwithginger.net.

Here are the mantras that will help you to have a very healthy and happy holiday season. Thank you SO MUCH to Ginger for offering a FREE 20-minute consultation to those folks that want to reach out to her to find out more about how to have a healthy new year.

Mantra #1:  To make good eating choices, just ask before you eat something, “Is this going to help me, or hurt me?”  Ginger reminds us that we must understand the entire food chain in allowing us to understand how food can fuel us well or not.  Her great example is organic wheat (very healthy) vs. wheat in the US that is sprayed with RoundUp. 🙁

Mantra #2: When making a transformation to an OPTIMAL state of health, certain expensive supplements can come into play particularly when there is a deficiency in the enzyme/biochemical profile of an individual.

Mantra #3:  Long term habits lead to long term health. Check out my interview with Charlotte Hammond about eating with mindfulness. I love how these interviews and mantras intertwine.

Mantra #4: Everything in balance.  Even too much of healthy foods can actually be harmful!

Mantra #5:  Make some healthy changes for 2017: 1) Aim for 5 or more home-cooked meals per week, 2) Have a salad every day for lunch to maximize veggie intake and #3) Have a balanced smoothie every morning to start your day on a great, healthy note.

For further information including a free 20-minute introductory phone consultation, contact Ginger at 803-640-4381 or by email at Ginger@NutritionwithGinger.net .

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Thanks for listening! 🙂

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