E042: Share some Healing Mantras for the new year with Charlene Jones

Episode 042 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest Charlene Jones, meditation expert, author, and agent of change.

We provide more mantras for health and happiness in the new year (or any time of the year)!

Overall mantras related to brain science and making it work for you:

1. Use positive repetition to bring more positive into your life (neurons that fire together wire together)

2. Find the edge of fear to understand how to manage pain in the body (pain is about feeling unsafe; use awareness of fear and invite it in in order to be more aware and in control)

Here are some specific mantras for your health and happiness in the new year (again, or any time of the year!):
1. Write it down!

2.  Do what makes you happy (yoga, dance, playtime!)

3. Breathe deeply

4. Find your feet*

5. Do nothing

Charlene’s advice to “Write it Down” connects so well with episode 41’s Jen Coken and her advice to use a document to review and celebrate the New Year.

*What does Charlene mean about “finding your feet”?  Check out this post about using yoga and mindfulness to build your foundation and connect with the earth.

More about Charlene, M.Ed./M.A.
Charlene Jones lived for almost a decade in Boise Idaho and has great memories of this blessed place.

She has meditated regularly for over five decades and teaches meditation currently at Stouffville Yoga Life in Stouffville Ontario where she also leads workshops designed to help others come to connect with their emotions. She believes Chi, Pranayama, Libido, Life Force whatever name you want to give manifests in emotional energy and charges our bodies, spirits, and souls. The more we know about and feel comfortable with our emotions, the more we live a dynamic, healthy life.  Here is Charlene’s website so you can be in touch!


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