E043: Transform Your Life with Rocky Detwiler

Episode 043 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest Rocky Detwiler.

Rocky is an author, speaker, trainer, bodybuilder and life coach with 30 years of experience in transformational living.

His proven principles and energetic personality provide a paradigm shift in thinking that will propel people to change using only their thoughts and their words.

We provide six mantras for health and happiness in the new year (or any time of year)!

Mantra #1: Take inventory of the past before you look ahead to the future

Mantra #2: Get an accountability partner, because tasks become habits (and then habits become your lifestyle)

Mantra #3: Consider that sometimes SMART goals can be dumb

Mantra #4: Clear out the old to bring in the new

Mantra #5: Be careful what you say (and hear, and wear) because words have power

Mantra #6: Come up with a 2017 self-love mantra (and cut out the whining)

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About Rocky
Rocky used the power of positive words to transform his life after losing everything and living in a treehouse for a year. His personal story of transformation and triumph using the power of words will change the way you think about what you say.  Rocky speaks, writes, and coaches on the power of words in our lives, specifically positive words. It all begins in your thoughts, thoughts become your words, words become your actions, actions become your habits, and then habits become your lifestyle. Rocky calls this five-step process “The Samson Effect” (also the title of his book published in June of 2016). From Rocky:  “I learned this process the hard way. I was forced to reboot my life after losing everything (over a million dollars, my home, possessions, marriage, etc.) when an investment with a friend turned out to be an Arizona Ponzi scheme. I lived nearly homeless for two years and clawed my way back to life by focusing on the power of positive words every day.”
Rocky continues:

“Visualization and manifestation are two key tools that helped me rebuild my life and then later find my one true love. I talk about visualization in my book and have kept my own vision board since I was thirteen years old. After losing everything in the Ponzi scheme and rebuilding my life, I was lonely. I didn’t want to go online or to a bar to meet my ideal wife so I chose to make a detailed list of what her qualities would be. I then spent 5 years speaking and praying about and for her until she showed up in January of 2015. She is everything and more than I asked for. I call her my “Spoken Word Bride” and often tell people she is the manifestation of my spoken and written words. Learn more about Rocky on his website.


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