E044: Incorporate more mindfulness into the new year

Episode 044 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest Kate Sciandra.

Kate is the go-to expert in applied mindfulness.

An internationally published author, teacher, consultant, and speaker, Kate is a warm, funny, and purely authentic voice on the subject of paying attention to living.

She draws on her wildly varied life experience, giving her a unique ability to make unexpected connections, turning assumptions about the nature of mindfulness, compassion, and well-being on their heads.

From the training of healthcare professionals to webinars for Project Management Institute, from adolescent volleyball players to attorneys, she’s been teaching for over 20 years.

We provide 5 mantras for incorporating more mindfulness into the New Year:
Mantra #1: Use mindfulness as your #1 focus tool
Mantra #2: Allow a greater space between stimulus and the response through mindfulness
Mantra #3: Consider mindfulness as a way of living (not as a sitting meditation practice)
Mantra #4: Implement mindfulness in corporations from the top down (by changing the corporate culture)
Mantra #5: Follow Kate’s four tips to easily bring mindfulness into your workday:
1) take a deep breath,
2) make breaks about sensory experiences,
3) eat mindfully,
and 4) ask a question, and REALLY listen to the answer.

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