E046: Find Peace Within featuring Dr. Michael DeMaria

Episode 046 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons podcast features Dr. Michael DeMaria.

Dr. DeMaria is an integrative psychologist, 3-time Bestselling author, poet, speaker and 4-time Grammy® nominated recording artist. Michael was also a contributing musician/poet/composer on the Grammy® winning children’s album, “All About Bullies Big and Small”. Michael is a long-time yoga/meditation teacher and the author and creator of the Peace Within Process™ for Integrative Wellness. His passion is helping others find inner peace in our busy, stressed and overworked lives.

In case you fall in love with Dr. DeMaria’s work, I’ve given you ideas on how you can “dip your toe in water” (get the three breaths to de-stress), put your foot in the water (check out the 7 x 7 challenge on YouTube), or jump in full force with his upcoming Peace Within Process (Course) for Integrative Wellness. I’ve also posted the six mantras from the show.

Dip your toe:
Click here to get your free gift from Dr. Michael DeMaria, Three Breaths to De-Stress.

Put your foot in the water:
7×7 challenge

Jump in:

www.alldaypeace.com Peace Within Process (Course) for Integrative Wellness (launches March 10th).



Here are the mantras from the show:
1. Remember that Mindfulness can be powerfully translated as heart, mind, now
2. Connect with heart through the senses (being grateful for what you see,  hear, smell, taste and feel)
3. Heal from the “thinking disease” by understanding: “I am not my thoughts, my thoughts are not reality”
4. Use the breath as your “go-to” tool for taming the monkey mind
5. Don’t compare your inner world to other people’s exterior world
6. Remember that vulnerability can be beautiful and that our gifts are born through our wounds.

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