E047: Create a Zen Relationship with Food (Belldon Colme)

Episode 047 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons podcast features R Belldon Colme.

Belldon Colme is a fifty-one-year-old father of 5 and intuitive wellness coach who believed his life was over from heart failure in 2001. Having survived, he researched how the body works and discovered that tracking calories is misleading and that metabolism is central to healthy living.

He developed a method to give the body’s metabolism everything it needs to fulfill its role, and in 2004 he created Nutri-90, a wellness program that has helped thousands of medical professionals and laypeople alike reach—and maintain—their weight loss, health, and wellness goals.

He currently lives in Redlands, California, with his loving partner Imy and their son. He enjoys travel and adventure, but his passion is helping people reach a quality of life they never thought possible. Through Nutri-90, he provides personal wellness coaching, group training sessions, corporate workshops, and seminars to empower people to meet their wellness goals.

For more information, please visit www.nutri-90.com.

Here are the six mantras from the show to incorporate into your daily life:

Mantra #1: Start with loving yourself (as an ingredient to a healthy life)
Mantra #2: Love yourself as least as much as you love your car (!)
Mantra #3: Fall in love with the VISION of our healthiest self
Mantra #4: Think of food as more than fuel;  it is the building blocks of our bodies (just like legos)
Mantra #5: Avoid “sticks and stones” when building your idea body (EDTA, processed flour, and concentrated proteins, which can be addicting)
Mantra #6: Go ZEN with your eating plan.  Here is the amazing gift from Belldon and Nutri-90!

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