E049: Energize your life with three mantras from World Class Athlete Muffy Ritz

Episode 049 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest, Muffy Ritz.

Muffy is one of the most energetic women on earth.

In addition to all of her medals for her Nordic and alpine skiing, Muffy has placed second in the 3,000-mile bike race, Race Across America three times.

She is the head of the VAMPS women’s nordic program and is an inspiration to the women of the Wood River Valley (Sun Valley, Idaho).

Muffy’s three mantras for your optimal health and happiness are:

Mantra #1: pain is temporary, quitting is forever
Mantra #2:
for optimal nutrition, avoid the great white carbs
Mantra #3:
rest is under-rated

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