E052: Accept that everything is Okay the way it is (Saskia Winkler)

Today’s guest is Saskia Winkler a business coach, life coach and spiritual mentor. After my interview with her, I’d say the best way to describe her would be to use the term (which we explain during the interview) Quantum Healer.

This is a not-to-be-missed interview, as we move from the first half in simply taking about Saskia’s work to doing an actual coaching session—with me as the mock client! I will tell you that is an incredibly vulnerable discussion for me, as she pinpoints a moment from my childhood that, I’ll admit, I’m still healing from.

Saskia’s interview with me reminded me very much of a previous interview I did with energy healer Cathleen Miller.  They both pointed to childhood issues that I’m still healing from that are keeping me from reaching my highest potential (hello, FREUD!). No, really, I do believe in this type of amazing energy work that includes EFT (check out the interview with Deb Finch), acupuncture (check out the interview with Sandi Hagel) and many other modalities.

Here is the update on my follow up healing session with Saskia (coming soon).

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More about Saskia
In 2011 she received an award for being among the Top 100 companies in Germany. As a CEO, she led the company to success by using her intuition and spiritual gifts.

Saskia earned a degree in Economics. She is also an appointed examiner at the German Chamber of Commerce and helps young people there to step into the world of work. She speaks German, English, Spanish and French.

While working in the radiant floor heating industry, she started her education as a Certified Coach, Hypno-Coach, Licensed Trainer and Quantum Healer. Last year she left her job as a CEO to follow her inner call to become a coach and spiritual mentor. In her coaching she shows how people can use their intuition to create the life of their dreams.

Saskia is able to make connections to the spiritual world, and she feels and sees her clients’ problems and blockages without them telling her. Her special ability is to see people as they really are. That knowledge enables her to help people understand the reasons for the life and health issues they’re struggling with so they can resolve them.

A single mother, Saskia’s goal is to encourage other people to follow her path and explore their spiritual gifts.

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