E053: Achieve Mountaintop Prosperity with Daphne Michaels

Today’s guest for the Mountain Mantras Podcast is Daphne Michaels.

As a speaker, trainer and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Mountaintop Prosperity, Daphne Michaels is a leading expert in guiding others to their highest potential. She has helped thousands of people for more than twenty years, and is a pioneer in the field of how tapping personal energy improves daily life. Her life-long journey includes formal training in the social sciences and integral psychology and rewarding work as a licensed psychotherapist and executive consultant.

The mantras from today’s show are:
#1: To tap into our highest potential, we must tune in and tune up
#2: Tuning in and tuning up can be an instantaneous process
#3: Changing your perspective and becoming an observer (zoom out above your own body to peer down at you and your surroundings) can provide an instantaneous shift that can help to “open your path”.  See the freebie below, Zoom Out For the Best View.
Finale: You CAN find your own path.

Get Daphne’s amazing and FREE Open Path Journal.

Here is another freebie to thank you for your listenership:  Zoom Out For the Best View

Learn more and connect with Daphne at www.reachmymountaintop.com and www.daphnemichaels.com.

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