E054: Understand that, in the end, only kindness matters (Lisa Najjar)

Today’s guest for the Mountain Mantras Podcast is Lisa Najjar, psychic, medium, and author.

Read more about Lisa’s fascinating story and background below.

The five amazing mantras from the show will reset your perspective on life. They are:
Mantra #1: Death is not an end; it is a beginning
Mantra #2: We all have an antennae (don’t ignore your gut instincts)
Mantra #3: In the end, only kindness matters
Mantra #4: Receive more goodness in your life by raising your vibration (clear your energy through time in nature, smudging, salts, crystals and other methods)
Mantra #5: Watch your energetic consumption (toxic news, relationships and environments)

Check out this wonderful review of the podcast by my friend and inspiration Tyson E. Franklin:

See all of Tyson’s videos as part of his 365 Hour mental and physical challenge, Part 1.

More about Lisa
Lisa Najjar used to be a court reporter. Now she’s reporting for a higher court – not the Supreme Court, but the Celestial Court! As an international psychic/medium, and author of Dying to Tell You – Channeled Messages from the Famously Dead, Lisa feels she is living her passion to help raise consciousness on the planet.

She is the Executive Producer and Intuitive Consultant for an award-winning documentary called What If? The Movie, a film that focuses on humanity’s truly unlimited potential. Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit has created products dedicated to the promotion of world unity and peace. Lisa is also the creator of What a Fool Believes, a spiritual comedy talk show that covers a range of alternative, new age concepts, presented in an even-handed way from both the perspective of a sceptic and a believer.



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