E070: Bust Through Your Money Blocks with Brainspotting and Beth Medina

In this episode, you’ll learn how limiting beliefs around money, both obvious and subtle, could be sabotaging your ability to create abundance in your life.

This interview is part of a series of interviews that I’ve been doing a modality called Brainspotting (a modality that I’m frankly obsessed with and now certified in). 

For more information about Brainspotting, please see www.brainspotting.com. Brainspotting is the work of Dr. David Grand.

For more information about Beth Medina see below.

The mantras from the episode are as follows:

Mantra #1:  We have some whacky beliefs about money. These whacky macro beliefs include cultural sayings such as:
“money is the root of all evil”
“money doesn’t grow on trees
“money is hard work”
“money causes strife”, and
“I have to save everything I earn”.

Mantra #2:   Some of our beliefs about money are actually quite deep and subtle.  Examples of some of these subtle beliefs include:
“I’m not worth it”
“charging more is selfish”
“Who am I to charge so much  for my products or services?”
“people won’t pay that much”.

Mantra #3: Overcoming these blocks is a tactical as well as psycho-therapeutic process when using Brainspotting.

Mantra #4:  Money blocks may need to be worked through as a team (for example a partner, spouse, etc.).

Mantra #5:   Brainspotting has what Beth called “a music effect”.  You might need to listen to a song many times over, but once you hear the lyrics, you can never change the way you hear the song. People have “aha” moments during a Brainspotting session that allows them to see the world differently.

More about Beth Medina

Beth Medina is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice, a Certified Advanced Brainspotting Practitioner Consultant, and online business coach for professional solopreneurs. 

Beth is also the Vice President and founding member of the Southeast Brainspotting Institute–an educational 501(c)3 that “promotes the utilization of Brainspotting as an effective therapeutic modality to reduce unwanted suffering, promote personal growth, and develop professional competence.”   

By adapting Brainspotting for use in the online business coaching setting, she helps professional service entrepreneurs break through the mental blocks that keep them stuck, exhausted, and broke. 

Beth is passionate about helping business owners eliminate any blocks they have around money so they can work profitably, serve conscientiously, and live generously. 

CLICK HERE for the study Beth mentioned.

Link to the SE Brainspotting Institute: https://www.southeastbrainspottinginstitute.com/

Link to Beth’s site: www.bethmedina.com

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