E083: Shine Light on Your Soul with Allison Pelissier

In this episode, we continue to explore the topic of “trauma” but shift our focus to the modality of light, specifically flickering light.

Our guest is Allison Pelissier, healer, teacher, and US distributor for the Lucia No. 3 light. Read more below (and see videos) about this fascinating light therapy at Allison’s website.

We have four mantras from this episode: 

Mantra #1:  If you think the word “trauma” does not apply to you, you have not bee listening to this podcast 🙂 

Mantra #2:  There are many ways to work through trauma; having access to multiple modalities is a huge benefit to humans doing their transformational “work”.

Mantra #3: Healing only happens in certain brain wave states (particularly alpha, theta, and delta); See this podcast episode for more information (Dr. Mario Martinez).

Mantra #4: Light therapy allows us to heal ourselves from the inside-out.

More about Allison

With a MA in International Education and Development, a BA in Political Economics and Psychology, and certifications in Yoga, Vortex Healing; Allison is deeply dedicated to human evolution. Allison’s business, Traveling Light LLC, is a community for Lucia N°03 light practitioners, training others to hold space for their clients to heal themselves. Allison’s philosophy is that we are all manifestations of divine/source energy and in fact, the best way to help someone else is to hold space for them to remember their own power, cultivate and trust their intuition and therefore heal themselves. , spreading this overflowing love to all those connected to them. Currently, Allison is the US and International Distributor and Trainer for the Lucia N°03 and is developing an online learning community for Lucia N°03 Light Guides and those on the path of spiritual growth. As a coach, trainer, and energy worker, Allison brings keen intuitive insight, curious and pro-active support, consistent encouragement, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge. 




https://www.instagram.com/travelinglightmachine/  (See Linktree in bio for links to webinar, quiz and more)

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