E099: Hope, Love & Holistic Medicine (Dr. Mickra Hamilton & Dr. Dan Stickler)

In this episode, we continue our series on genetics/epigenetics and optimization of the human system. We feature Dr. Dan Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton, the founders of Aperion Zoh.

This series includes interviews with genetics panel creators David Krantz (endocannabinoids) and Andrea Lahti (neurotransmitters), as well as Austin center Aperion medical provider and peptide expert Ryan Lester.

We have six powerful mantras from the show: 

Mantra #1: Humans are evolving based on wellness optimization and complex systems (be open to transformation)

Mantra #2:  The evolved human requires a healthcare system that is not broken (our current system is broken and may not be fixable)

Mantra #3: Change is not linear

Mantra #4: When it comes to genetics, the important word is “variation” (not “mutation”!)

Mantra #5: Genetic information does not have to be scary; it can in fact be validating and positively motivating

Mantra #6: Transformation must start now so that we can help future generations for the sake of humanity

Dr. Mickra Hamilton and Dr. Dan Stickler on the Triple Pandemic:

More about Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Sticker

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is CEO & Co-Founder of Apeiron Zoh Corporation, a Precision Performance Ecosystem that Curates Limitless Expression. A Systems Designer and creative disruptor in the field of Precision Human Performance she informs a new paradigm of what is possible for human flourishing and purposeful evolution. Dr. Hamilton speaks internationally on the focus areas of the epigenetics of the human system and environment, breathing science, conscious leadership and peak psychophysiological performance.

A decorated retired Colonel, Hamilton spent 30 years in the USAFR, as a Systems Strategist and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert. Leveraging this experience she works with a complex systems approach for data driven precision to optimize human and corporate performance and potential. Her contributions assist aware individuals, conscious corporations and international organizations to create system enhancements which drive impact and create global change.

Genetics and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with scientific research, advanced biologics and leading edge technologies are key components of this approach. These powerful strategies target the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the “human system” to enhance life, improve relationships with the internal and external environment and impact the collective environment.

Dr. Hamilton leverages thirty years of experience in the field of psychoacoustics for research and development activities in Apeiron’s R & D Division. Current development focuses on 3-D soundscape/naturescape virtual reality programming and breath/heart/brain entrainment to restore systems equilibrium and create beneficial shifts in states of consciousness. Apeiron’s acoustic research aims to create advanced technology that works with the “human system” to restore resonance and propel the advancement of human evolution.

Dr. Daniel L. Stickler is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential and Chief Science Officer for Apeiron Academy. He is the pioneer behind systems-based precision performance medicine, a new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their current state, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice. In 2008, a new world opened through the lens of genetics and epigenetics and his near obsession like fascination of the potentials for personalized human systems design led to the realization that we truly have the ability within us to take charge of our destiny and become the architects of our evolution.


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