E104: Train Your Brain with Dr. Jackie Kilraine

In this episode, we Make Brain Waves Fun.

With our guest, Dr. Jackie Kilraine, we explore more about genetics/epigenetics and precision medicine to optimize the human system.

This interview is part of a series that includes interviews with Aperion founders Dr. Dan Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton, genetics panel creators David Krantz (endocannabinoid), and Andrea Lahti (neurotransmitters), and Apeiron medical provider Ryan Lester.

Today’s guest, Dr. Jacke Kilraine, is the Director of Neurotechnolgoies at Aperion Zoh and the CEO of Expressing Optima. 

Dr. Jackie covers neurofeedback, sleep, gamma, and much more, through the process of sharing seven mantras:

Mantra #1: Neurofeedback is about training the brain through its reward system (and it is work!).

Mantra #2:  Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE),  on the other hand, is passive.
Dr. Jackie mentions the MindAlive system, and we also mention Lucia Light.

Mantra #3: All brain waves have their purpose and function.

Mantra #4: The gateway to Gamma is through Theta. “Theta is the Magic Carpet to Gamma.”

Mantra #5:  Gamma waves are associated with creativity (“aha” moments) as well as healing (Dr. Kilraine discusses studies that show that Gamma waves can reduce amyloid plaques in the brain).

Mantra #6:  COMT is a high-impact SNP ( single nucleotide polymorphism).  We discuss the Warrior vs Warrior terminology.  See more at this link.

Mantra #7:  A holistic approach can solve multiple things at once while bringing more joy to life.

More about Dr. Jackie Kilraine

Dr. Jackie Kilraine is highly skilled at solving complex problems using a very individualized approach. This approach is designed to restore energy, remove fear, regain clarity and help clients look and feel ten years younger. 

She is the Director of Neurotechnologies at Apeiron Zoh and the CEO of Expressing Optima and Healthybox.me and her nonprofit, The Free Brain Initiative. She is the author of the Expressing Optima journal which is part of her Rediscovering You program and co-author of the Codes of Longevity.   Rediscovering You is designed for women to reclaim their joy and passion and to live life to the fullest to enhance their own life as well as the lives of those they love and serve. 

Dr. Jackie is the proud mother of 3 amazing boys and shares her home with her dogs Luna and Stella and three curious cats. She loves to do anything outdoors especially if it involves water.






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