EP114: Be an Agent of Change with Jodi Delaney

What a delight to share this episode with my friend and philanthropy superstar Jodi Delaney.

We discuss her work in the nonprofit world and how you can leverage purpose in life to manage life transitions and come out the best version of yourself, again and again. 

We summarize our discussion with 7 powerful mantras that will help you feel renewed energy and get on the path to being a powerful agent of change.

Mantra #1: The nonprofit world is a place for your heart, where you can address what concerns you and find ways to move the needle on solutions.

See Jodi’s heart place, the Television Academy Foundation.

See my heart place, Nurture.

Mantra #2:  We are all capable of being agents of change.

Mantra #3:  In midlife, we have an opportunity to crystallize our values, map out a  new mission and connect with our purpose. Jodi and I talk a bit in the interview about transitions and menopause.  For women facing menopause, I highly recommend listening to this interview with Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Some steps to do so include finding space, grounding, moving the body, practicing radical self-care, and getting involved in a purpose-aware community.

Jodi mentions her involvement with Modern Elder Academy.

Mantra #4: The “pleasure” of finding purpose in life is renewed, invigorated energy, and a sense of having a positive impact on the world.

Mantra #5: The “pain” of not finding purpose is staying “asleep,” unaware of the lessons to be learned, and the possibility of not having a life legacy that makes your heart sing.

Mantra #6: Learn through the “six S’s of grief”: silence, swirl, shame, survival, surrender, and show up. (Credit to Addison Brasil).

Mantra #7: You don’t have to be in the “messy-middle” alone. Jodi loves to support others in the worlds of philanthropy, career development, environmental conservation, and more.

More about Jodi

Jodi Delaney is a longtime executive in philanthropy, entertainment, environmental conservation, and economic development. Currently the Executive Director of the Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles, her career has spanned five states over 25 years, serving dozens of clients including the Trust for Public Land, Youth Policy Institute, the New Mexico Departments of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs, ABC News, HBO, and many others. Starting her career as a television producer and writer in New York City, she transitioned to fundraising and philanthropy across sectors, raising funds for the arts, workforce development, and environmental issues in addition to anti-poverty and diversity initiatives. She is also the Founder of Yatra Yoga International, which facilitated yoga retreats worldwide from 2006-2009, and from that experience created VetsYoga, a specialized yoga practice for military veterans with PTSD. VetsYoga served thousands of veterans via clients including the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the GiveBack Yoga Foundation. Jodi is also a certified meditation teacher, reiki level 1, travel addict, mom, and bonus grandmother to four adorable children.

What is fun for Jodi Delaney?

  • Dancing on the beach
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Playing with children
  • Connecting with high-frequency friends at astonishing spas




Headshot photos by Stacey Lievens.

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