EP122: Be Successfully Self Aware with Dr. Carol Scott

We’ve talked over many episodes about the topic of trauma. We’ve explored various modalities to address trauma, from Brainstpotting to EFT to coaching to plant medicine.

Today, we talk about the brain and how our developmental years impact our relationships and success.

I invited trauma-informed developmental psychologist, Dr. Carol Scott, on the show to discuss her SASS (Self-Aware Success Strategies) methodology with listeners. 

We summarize our discussion with 7 mantras that lead to seven essential strategies for success through relationships.

Mantra #1: It’s never too late to address the past.

Mantra #2:  Face Your ACEs. It is a good idea for everyone to take the Adverse Childhood Experiences quiz. Watch this video to learn more:

Here are some resources from Dr. Carol’s website.

Mantra #3: Our nervous systems are at the heart of disruptions in our relationships.

Mantra #4: When trying to decipher behavior that may trigger us, ask: What is the need behind the deed?

Mantra #5: Relationships matter when it comes to success. Watch this video to learn more:

Mantra #6: The first seven years of life (2,500 days) are crucial to determining your capacity for relationships now.

Mantra #7: Understand Dr. Carol’s seven essential strategies for success through relationships:
1. The infant strategy: trust
2. The toddler strategy: independence
3. The “first adolescence” strategY; faith
4. The pre-k strategy: negotiation
5. The Kindergarten strategy: vision
6. The first-grade strategy: compromise
7. The second-grade strategy: acceptance.

Dr. Carol has offered some helpful resources to listeners:

–  Become Your Sassy S.E.L.F e-booklet. You can email Dr. Scott and request this booklet.

 – The SASS Manifesto is on the bottom right side of the page at this link.  

More about Dr. Carol Scott

Dr. Carol Scott is a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, TEDx speaker, coach, and author. She brings the SASS—Self-Aware Success Strategies to help you get along better on the adult playgrounds on which you play.

Carol knows that your success today is determined by your first seven years of life. And she also knows that it’s never too late to Development Do-Overs. As her coaching client, you bring your unique goals for success, and she draws out your SASS. Together, you repattern how you operate in the relationships that are at the heart of achievement.

Also a nationally respected thought leader in early care and education (ECE), Carol is the former president of the board for Child Care Aware® of America, and the ECE System Integration Consultant for Steering Impact, the home of EarlyCare+, technology innovation to revolutionize access for all parents and caregivers to the ecosystem of ECE services. 

What is fun for Dr. Scott?

  • Pondering and discussing deep questions about life and purpose with like-minded women.
  • Mind-challenging word games (BIG Wordle fan!).
  • Connecting with the natural world as a manifestation of Spirit.






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