EP134: I have no idea

In this thought-provoking episode, Kat delves into the complex topics of identity, ancestral trauma, and what it means to live a good life.

The episode begins with Kat reflecting on a common sentiment, “I’m not sure who I am,” setting the stage for a deeper exploration of self-identity.

Kat offers three powerful mantras designed to help listeners navigate their personal journeys and challenges.

3 Mantras from the episode include:

1. Most of us are more than one person.

2. We have to change ourselves. Our actual terrain, the vehicle that walks through the world, is our body.

3. Life is a weighted average of the sum of all your minutes and the weight is based on the level of how amplified an emotion is.

The conversation turns philosophical as Kat poses the question, “What is a good life?” She suggests that life is a weighted average of all our moments, with the weight determined by the intensity of our emotions.

    Kat concludes with a powerful message on resilience and positivity, encouraging listeners to raise their contributory frequency, asserting that even those who have endured severe trauma can make a positive impact.

      Tune in for a deep and enriching discussion that offers both practical advice and philosophical insights, helping you understand and navigate the complexities of identity and life’s challenges.

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