E058: Increase Employee engagement with recommendations from The Godfather of Fun


Today’s guest for the Mountain Mantras Podcast is Nick Gianoulis.

Nick is the founder of The Fun Dept., a consulting and training company that has been featured on CNN, BBC News, Washington Post, TEDx and numerous other media outlets.

Known as “The Godfather of Fun,” he began his company after experiencing firsthand the enhanced culture and business results of fun during his 20-year corporate management tenure with a company that embraced a “work hard, play hard” culture. His company has delivered more fun in the workplace than any other company in the world, building brief, consistent and engaging activities into the corporate culture that is more important than ever thanks to the presence of millennials.  Its clients range from Fortune 100 companies to those with as few as 10 employees.

More About Nick

Nick points out that by 2025 millennials will account for 75 percent of the workforce, and this younger generation places a greater priority on fun and work culture than salary. He says, “They want flexibility and fun. So if you want to employ the best and the brightest you need to pay attention to the culture at work because matters for employees, customers and the bottom line”. He is also the co-author of Playing It Forward.

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