E066: Recover, Heal and Expand Performance with Brainspotting (Paige Roberts)

Learn all about Brainspotting and its application to high performing athletes and CEOs.

Listen to Paige Roberts as she describes her work bringing athletes back from injuries to achieve peak performance.

We go through a hypothetical Brainpotting session with a CEO and an athlete. Learn how to heal, recover and expand performance.

We also talk about what trauma really is, how it affects our lives and how Brainspotting, along with other modalities, can allow us to heal and move forward with confidence in our lives.

The Mantras for this episode are:

  1. Finding a cure for your own ailments can often lead to your life’s purpose;
  2. Trauma is an assault on our nervous system;
  3. Brainspotting can help us to release the traumas we store in our bodies and minds to allow us to expand our performance and realize our fullest potential.

Helpful links:

Brainspotting.com (work of Dr. David Grand)

Peter Levine’s Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma (Book) 

Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing

A recent blog post about Brainspotting

More about Paige:
Paige Roberts is a Colorado native whom grew up skiing, swimming, white water rafting and was an intercollegiate cross country athlete whom now resides in Washington state and has a national mind-body performance expansion practice called Paige Roberts Performance Neuro Training. She is a Licensed Clinical social worker in Colorado and Washington, sport psychology clinician, Brainspotter and a certified brain health coach, light therapist and national academy of sports medicine personal trainer. She has presented her case studies on USA Snowsport athlete’s sports performance at international conferences proving an athlete can come back and expand on their sports performance even after multiple injuries including traumatic brain injuries if the athlete is given the proper neuro recovery training program. She is a 3 times TBI survivor and had suffered from sports injuries herself and has now dedicated her life to learning the best way possible for athletes to bio-hack their nervous system to reach, re-gain and expand on their performance in sports and in life. Her performance expansion clientele ranges from national athletes who have earned Olympic medals to anyone committed to reaching their optimal performance in life!

Website: https://robertsneurotraining.com/ or https://onpointneuro.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paige-e-roberts-lcsw-licswa-25875255/

Instagram (@sportspsychpaige): https://www.instagram.com/sportspsychpaige/

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